Top Frameworks Used by Data Scientists

1. TensorFlow Tensorflow is an open-source machine learning library developed at Google

2. Scikit-learn Scikit-learn is a very popular open-source machine-learning library for the Python programming language.

3. Keras Keras is an open-source neural network library written in Python.

4. Pandas Pandas is yet another open-source software library written for the Python programming

5. Spark MLib Spark MLib is a popular machine-learning library.

6. PyTorch PyTorch is developed by Facebook’s artificial intelligence research group

7. Matplotlib Matplotlib is a plotting library for Python, a library mostly used for data visualization

8. Numpy Numpy is an open-source library that gives programmers the versatility to work

9. Seaborn Seaborn is an open-source Python data visualization library based on matplotlib.

10. Theano Theano Python library is for numerical computation and is similar to NumPy.

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